Don’t Get a Corporate Designer for Your Website

You are probably one of those businesspeople who knows the technical side of their business very well, but is not an expert in marketing, nor in websites. So when you decide you need to promote your company with a corporate image and a new website, you might think that there are plenty of people out there than can do the job.

Yes, there are. But there are not many that can do a good job of one, let alone both. In fact, if you are in Leeds, you might think that the best idea would be to just search in Google for ‘web design Leeds‘. This would be making one more mistake! To be sure, many website designers will offer web hosting, but they probably won’t host it themselves. They will more use an established web host and charge you quite a lot for offering that service, or they will put your site on a small server that will be very slow.

You need a web hosting specialist to host your site, as they will have plenty of servers in case on crashes, and also systems for backing up, and in fact offering you a good reliable service. A web designer is very unlikely to do so. Nor should the web designer be the same person that does you corporate branding except in very exceptional circumstances.

Generally, you are best to look for corporate branding in London for top agencies. Yes, you will find some in the provinces, but you will find more suitable firms in London who are specialists in this field. Some may have their head office elsewhere but they have decided that they need an office in London because that is where most of the business is. So you can do no better than go to London yourself for this service.

A good corporate brand will make your company a very large sum of money over the years; a bad one will just be a complete waste of time and cost you more money than you save in getting the cheaper job done. My recommendation is that you go for the best you can afford when looking for a corporate brand, and write off the cost of five or ten years. That way, the price will seem more realistic.