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We have been serving the greater metropolitan Seattle area at D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration Services for 30 years. We are specialists in condominium, apartment, commercial, and residential painting and restoration projects. Some of our painting and restoration services include designer color matching, laminate and tile work, wall stripping and covering, water and fire damage, texturing, plaster and drywall repairs, water sealants, woodwork replacement and repair, carpentry, stucco repair, siding replacement, pressure washing, flooring, and exterior and interior painting. We also do painting and restoration insurance work. We are dependable, neat, and clean.

Working on both exterior and interior surfaces, we will paint and restore many different surfaces. Some of the structures that we have worked on in the past include custom homes, hospitals, schools, high rise commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and oil/water tanks. We are also experts in water and fire damage repair. Knowledge and experience are very important components of selecting a painting or restoration contractor.

We enjoy painting and we are very good at it. We take a great deal of pride in our work and are excellent craftsmen. Although many people can handle paint and a brush, it takes knowledge and skill to do it well. In addition, we only use the very best painting products and restoration materials. Also, whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly painting methods.

Giving the rooms in your house a fresh coat of paint is one of the best and fastest ways to remodel. We truly enjoy making that transformation happen for our customers. Our painters understand that that efficiency and cleanliness are at the top of the list for our customers, other than an excellent job well done, our painters know that cleanliness and efficiency are at the top of the list for homeowners.

We are experts at refinishing cabinetry, doors, trim, and painting. We like to use the new water-based enamels whenever possible, although we still use oil-based enamels at times. In the hands of a professional painters, the painted surface will almost appear to have been sprayed on. While many painting and restoration contractors seem to want to rush in quickly, paint the house, and be on their way, exterior paints have never been better. Our objective is to paint our customers house correctly and professionally. That way our customers wont have to worry about painting the exterior their house for a very long time. We understand that by doing a good painting or restoration job, we will be referred to other people. In fact, the vast majority of our painting and restoration work is referrals from satisfied customers.

We are also expert in deck refinishing and staining. We use specialized equipment to efficiently clean patios, walkways, driveways, and buildings. Without the need for harsh chemicals and doing the damage that conventional power washers may do, our rotary cleaners remove dirt and moss from practically any surface. Moss removal will not only prevent liability problems from somebody slipping and falling, it will also improve the looks of the homeowners property. There is absolutely no reason for homeowners to live with the slimey black, and slippery green of dirt, mildew, and moss. Our pressure washing service can take care of that problem and make the home look new again. We also do pressure washing for patios, walkways, and driveways. We can also perform sealing of concrete walkways and driveways in order to prevent damage from freezing, inhibit moss, and keep them clean. We also specialize in re-sanding pavers and repairing cracks.

At D.P. Palmer Painting and restoration, we have also done a considerable amount to work for all of the major insurance companies. Much of this work was painting, both interior and exterior, residential and commercial. However, in addition to painting we also do carpentry, texturing, drywall, and insulating work. We perform excellent brocades, textures, and drywall repairs. We have the experience and skill to match finishes, including different orange peels, textures, and brocades and remove wallpaper. We work with many different plumbing and electrical companies to repair areas that need to be repaired.

As painting and restoration contractors serving the greater metropolitan Seattle area, we have provided our painting and restoration services for warehouses, factories, condominiums, schools, offices, commercial businesses, and residential homes. We guarantee our painting and restoration services unconditionally and make every effort to provide excellent exterior and interior painting services from painting the very small projects to the very large projects in an efficient and timely manner. Our goal is to provide superior quality materials and craftsmanship to our customers. Therefore, we prioritize the proper preparation and application of all surface coatings. We are also certified in the removal of lead paint and our restoration work is done strictly in accordance with environmentally safe rules and regulations.

At D.P. Palmer Painting and Restoration, we believe that a house is a form of art. For those who want to read it, the exterior color and form of the house tell a story.

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