Dyson DC30 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Clean your house faster with the with the Dyson DC30 handheld vacuum cleaner iron yellow. This vacuum cleaner is ergonomically designed to allow easy handling on the part of the user. This vacuum cleaner is also lightweight and compact, allowing users to easily drag it to anywhere they want. It is also equipped with a powerful motor that can provide constant powerful suction critical in removing dirt. This vacuum cleaner likewise is very hygienic that even those who have respiratory ailments may not have any trouble in operating it.

This new dyson dc30 handheld is only 32cm wide. It weighs about 1.23 kilograms and has a stainless steel yellow finish. But what makes this vacuum cleaner stand out is the different features it has that allows it to provide a lot of convenience and ease in use. For instance, this compact machine is very lightweight and compact. The long nozzle attachment is perfect for getting down the side of car seats.

This Dyson DC30 boasts of a suction power pegged at 40 air watts, which can be kept at a constant pace even during lengthy. With this suction power, any homemaker can be guaranteed optimum cleaning performance. The motor is also very energy efficient compared to other conventional motors. The vacuum is powered by rechargeable batteries.

With the use of its Root Cyclone technology, this vacuum cleaner taps centrifugal force in taking out dust from the air and dispensing it to the dust bin. For extra advantage you can extend the use of this handheld by using other dyson attachment tools. This vacuum cleaner has a washable filter that is very economical, and environment friendly. No need for dust bags here, this tiny little handheld has a small plastic dust bin which can be emptied and washed.

The Dyson DC30 is likewise very hygienic to use because there is an indicator that tells the user when to dispense the dirt. These are just some of the reasons why a homemaker should buy this excellent vacuum cleaner.