ITT Tech Student Library-An Important Tool For Student Success

The ITT Tech Virtual Library may be the most important feature that can be accessed from the student portal. While ITT Tech is a for-profit educational institution, the emphasis is on education. That means in order for students and teachers to have easy access to materials that they need for assignments and lesson plans. The library provides that access any hour of the day and any day of the week.

Many of ITT Tech students are busy adults with families and careers. In order to get the valuable career training that they need, they need a research facility that conforms to their hours and where they are. They can’t afford to have a facility where the majority of the collection is housed in a facility to which they have to travel and which may have hours that is not convenient for them. The ITT Tech Virtual Library has its entire collection online and accessible any day of the week to any student, or faculty member who has access to a computer. Students and faculty can work on their projects and courses whenever they want. The library contains materials for all of ITT Tech’s career training fields from business to drafting and design.

Not only that, but ITT Tech’s library follows students after they get their degree from ITT Tech.  The library is a lifelong benefit of being an ITT graduate. Graduates just have to keep their student portal user ID and password handy when they go from school to their careers. They can keep track of developments in their career field by having the same 24/7 access to the virtual library they had when they were students. If these alumni want access to materials for their field, they can still have access to them. This is a lifetime investment in ongoing career training that students can have by graduating from ITT Tech. If you forget your user name and password, you the same access to it that you had when you were a student. These same benefits are also extended to ITT Tech employees.

The library is easily accessible from what is the virtual heart of the ITT Tech student experience, The ITT Tech Student Portal. Through the student portal, students get the same easy access to the virtual library that they have to all items they need during their student careers, such as grades, course information, and financial aid information. All of these are accessible from this portal.

Every student’s education is the most important product that ITT Tech makes.  ITT Tech is dedicated to the success of every student who goes there for valuable career training. To that end, ITT Tech has developed a tool that every student and faculty member can access wherever they are whenever they want. The library is that tool and it is easily accessible. The ITT Tech Virtual Library will be there for you during your career as a student and it will be there for you in your work career as well.