Looking for Mike Coney or Mike’s Coney?

If you’re looking for Mike Coney you visited a different place mainly because this short article talks about the world-famous Coney dog, that mouth waterer 100 percent meat bean-less chili-covered beef hotdog, garnished with diced sweet white onions and nicestripes of golden-yellow mustard. You will probably find lots of linksto Mike Coney on the web, but only a few listings for Mike’s Coney and Pita, a yellow and blue restaurant that you’ll discover in Russell Street, Detroit’s Eastern Market, Michigan – and enjoy an extremely tasty lunchpack for less than 10 dollars!

The friendly staff at Mike’s Coney will assist you with your pick of soup, chili dishes, fresh-greensalads, amazing pita wraps, scrumptious fried falafel fritters or sandwiches, and cap it all up with their signature meal – the authentic Coney Dog. This chili-covered gastronomicbundle of beefy goodness is so popular in Detroit that they’re even served in celebrations, wedding receptions or even memorials!

Don’t confuse yourself associating agenuine Mike’s Coney with Coney Island in New York, even though they also have chili dogs there and was apparently where hot dogs were born. Immigrants from Greece and Macedonia entering the country by way of New York copied the hotdog concept and started a living serving quick meals to Detroit’s car factory workers – but using their very own Mediterranean-style pure meat chili formula which has been the trademark of Detroit Coneys since then. This particular gastronomic marvel swiftly grew in popularity throughout Flint, Jackson as well as other parts of Michigan and beyond.

You will find several restaurants serving versions of this delicacy all around Detroit, each competing for staple food supremacy using their own special sauces and ingredients. But if you have to have one of the best variations there is, along with your beloved Middle Eastern treats, then go straight to the Eastern Market and grab for yourself a Coney or two – or more – at Mikes Coney