Midlife Crisis Alert: Actually Purchasing A Classic Ford Mustang

So I haven’t so much been able to post on this blog nearly as much as I might like, owing to the fact that I have been roped into helping my old man fuel his super nutball midlife crisis. Well, I guess it’s not as far out as it could be. You see, the way he played it out was to go and dress himself up like the Fonz or something, and storm over to my crib and proclaim to me, in his “coolest” tone of voice: “Get ready, bro, we are out cruising for some classic Mustangs. No joke, youngster, I’m totally set to buy an old school muscle car.”

And so the two of us were hopping around to all of those wild classic car showrooms that I’m just about certain the mob owns and operates, and I am just awed my dad wrote a check within just a few minutes, for an extremely well-preserved classic car. It really is an impressive purchase. It had a great sound as well.

Notice that I phrased about that sound in a past tense. It sounded great right up to the point that it seized up completely. Dad informs me that it’s a quick fix and that all it will take is the right part. I’m thinking, it may not be as easy to locate 1967 Mustang parts as it was about 30 years ago, but the old man swears there’s a really sizable availability for them to this day. As far as my Dad tells me the surest way to get you parts for 1966 Mustangs is through online auctions, since you can find them all refurbished and sometimes even brand new. Not necessarily super-cheap, though… Get real, we’re talking about 30-year-old automobile parts.

Not as bad as some midlife crises, I suppose. It would’ve been worse if he’d got himself a mail-order bride.