Purchase Wireless Dialup Routers For Increased Flexibility, But Know About Pricing as Well

When you are in the market for a new VPN Firewall, you will want the best features but you will also be want to know about wireless router pricing. Although all wireless routers perform the same basic function, there are some that are better suited to some situations than others. What follows is a basic overview of wireless routers, the options that you can choose from, and their respective prices to help you make your decision.

D-Link Wireless N Router: This router retails for $4,158.99 and features a host of options that are designed to make your internet travels seamlessly and lightning quick, like what comes from a long range router, regardless of how far away in your house you are from your router. Featuring a robust firewall, a Voice over IP Gateway (VoIP) and a VPN Pass-Thru with a 4 port built in switch, the D-Link Wireless N Router keeps your data safe while offering you a host of options to keep you up to date. Other features include WAN, WLAN (wireless LAN), LAN (10/100) and Auto Crossover (MDI?MDI-X).

Linksys Dual N Band Wireless Router: With a retail price of about $999.99, this wireless router allows you to enjoy more of what you use the internet for such as steaming videos, gaming that is lag free and music that is uninterrupted. This router features VPN Pass-Thru, a Firewall, and a DHCP server. In addition, you will find convenient power and status LED indicators as well as auto crossover (MDI/MDI-X) and MMO support.

Verilink Netpath 2000 Wireless Router: This wireless router retails for approximately $550.00. Primarily aimed for small businesses and enterprises so that they can keep their office and other remote locations connected, this router features plug and play PCMCIA WAN access for GPRS, Edge, and UMTS wireless cards. This enables you to have access to broadband even when such access is not cost effective or available.

Cradlepoint Broadband Gigabit Wireless Router: This wireless router retails for about $239.99 and has a wealth of features to keep you connected if you are a small business or enterprise. These features include the ability to work with ExpressCard, PC Card and USB modems, the ability to have up to 64 people access the internet through WIFI and a WIFI range of over 780 feet.