The benefits of organic pre-sprouted barley

What on earth is pre-sprouted barley?

Pre-sprouted barley is barley that’s been naturally activated, so that its nutrients and digestive support enzymes are most readily available.

When we mention it being “activated”, we imply that the pre-sprouted barley grains are ready to generate barley leaves and, subsequently, there’s a high level of enzymal activity. As a matter of fact, the principal difference between everyday barley and pre-sprouted barley is enzymal activity.

Pre-sprouted barley possesses a broad range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Omega oils, together with a host of digestive enzymes, which (as the term implies) help digestive function.

What is its nutritional value?

The nutritional content of barley is extensively recorded with study reports and conclusions published from institutes and colleges internationally. Not too long ago, the extensive research of Dr Yoshihide Hagiwara, of the Hagiwara Institute of Health in Japan produced astonishing outcomes.

Dr Hagiwara tested a hundred and fifty different plants and cereals during a thirteen year period and determined that barley had the largest amount of nutrients of all of them. Summing up he wrote, Barley is the most excellent source of nutrients that the body needs for growth, repair and well-being.”

Loaded with natural whole-food vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for good overall health, pre-sprouted barley provides an awesome number of nutrients including a good source of protein, the B vitamins, selenium and chlorophyll.

In addition, it carries an exceptional antioxidant enzyme which helps to support the immune system and shield tissues from free radical damage – superoxide dismutase (SOD) (often called the “anti-aging enzyme”), which scavenges free radicals called superoxides and changes them into potentially less harmful compounds. There are many types of SOD enzymes connected to different minerals, such as manganese, copper and zinc. It is an enzyme that has just lately attracted plenty of attention, particularly in investigations around cancer.

What are its applications?

Pre-sprouted barley has a number of potential health functions.

It has been employed for hundreds of years, due to the high nutritional value (see above). Quite possibly among the first people of note to suggest the use of barley was Hippocrates, who encouraged his followers to eat barley gruel if they were sick. Similarly, Roman soldiers used to use barley to help sustain stamina levels and fight sickness.

On account of its nutritional qualities, many people believe pre-sprouted barley to be a “superfood”, delivering a natural source of trace elements, vitamins, essential fatty acids, polysaccharides and soluble fibre. It includes a mixture of beta-1,3-glucan and beta-1,4-glucan, that makes it a useful nutritional supplement to support our immune system, promote better circulation and detoxification, assist digestion, repel free radicals and support levels of energy.

You might be astonished to be told that one of the fundamental factors behind premature aging and illness in the Western world is over-consumption of food. This is not just because of weight-related / obesity issues, but because the typical Western diet is packed with highly refined and fatty foods, which are difficult for our bodies to process and therefore require a high expenditure of energy to break down.

If our bodies are recurrently processing calories, they naturally undergo wear and tear. In these circumstances, within each of our cells, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats and other essential nutrients have to work hard to produce the energy to attempt to counter this wear and tear.

Barley is believed to be one of the most energy-efficient and complete foods accessible in nature. As a matter of fact, the United Nations even use it as a relief food for those in famine-stricken countries, because of its super nutritional value.

Why does it have to be organic?

Organic food supplements are natural products, which are made from organically grown vegetables and fruits. They aren’t processed or synthesized and they have had no chemicals (including additives) inserted into their plants at any time – even at the time of harvesting.

The key reason why this is significant is because they are easier for the body to fully take in – a large proportion of a manufactured supplement will simply pass through your body by urination, with little (if any) benefit to you.

On top of that, health supplements that are organic and natural tend to have a higher content of vitamins and minerals and contain lower levels of toxic metals (including mercury, lead, and aluminium) than their non-organic alternatives.

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