Therapeutic Use of Foam Rollers

The use of foam rollers amongst health enthusiasts and triathletes have grown over the years. As more and more people are continuously discovering the many health benefits of foam rolling exercises, it is expected that we will start to see a lot more of these foam rollers in gyms, parks, homes and just about anywhere as long as exercise exists.

What is a foam roller?
A foam roller is a tubular rolling foam that is utilized to present a soothing exercise and a deep tissue massage to the body. Its basic principle is to use the body’s weight to provide pressure while rolling the foam. Foam rollers are effective in taking out pain, rigidity and tissue adhesions. In addition, they also provide a unique way of extending and balancing exercises for athletes.

Foam rollers are tubular piece of foam that can be bought in various colors, styles, and designs. They also come in different sizes and densities to facilitate better exercise routines for the total body. You can find rolling foams that are smooth, ridged or with knobs to provide a deeper and more effective massage. They can be used by both men and women from various ages with different sports or games.

Foam rolling exercises improve blood flow in the muscles, tissues, skin, tendons, fascia and the ligaments. By allowing a good flow of blood to these important parts, a perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen can nourish these parts to protect and provide rejuvenation. The excretion of waste materials from the different cellular and tissue levels will also provide larger chances of eliminating muscle and joint illness and injuries. Exercises with the use of foam rollers can also provide soft tissue therapies in a short span of time.  This type of therapy is usually known as self myofascial release.

Foam rollers are effective pain killing tools to decrease stiffness of the knees, hips and the spinal joints. Many resort to acupuncture, operative procedures, chiropractic adjustments and other medical or homeopathic treatment modalities to deal with pain caused by muscle fascia adhesions. It is time to let them know that a simple, cost effective way is through the regular use of an efficient therapeutic tool – the foam roller!

About the Author

Bethany is a Certified Nurse Practitioner and avid fitness enthusiast. Please visit for more information about improving your athletic performance.